Grief Pamphlets

Grief Pamphlets

Martin-Dugger Funeral Home in Elk City offers a wide variety of grief pamphlets. Pamphlet subjects cover the spectrum from general grief to those dealing with different types of death.

Types of specific death issues would include the death of a child, death of a spouse, death of a parent, death of a friend, suicide, homicide, accident or sudden death and etc. Below is a listing of pamphlets available on-site at Martin-Dugger Funeral Home.

Talking With Your Kids About Funerals

Talking With Your Kids When a Grandparent Dies

Talking With Your Kids About the Death of a Parent

Talking With Your Kids About Death - and Life

Sad Isn't Bad - When Someone You Love Dies

Helping a Child Grieve and Grow

Finding Your Way After the Death of a Spouse

Grieving as a Family

Losing Someone Close

Taking the Time You Need to Grieve Your Loss

Grieving the Loss of Your Parent

Bearing the Special Grief of Suicide

Grieving the Death of a Grown Son or Daughter

Grieving the Loss of Your Brother or Sister

Handling the Heartbreak When a Baby Dies

Handling the Heartbreak of a Child's Death

Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve

On The First Anniversary of Your Loss

12 Reflections for the First 12 Weeks of Grief

Getting Through the First Weeks After the Funeral

When Grief Makes You Feel Like You're "Going Crazy"

Overcoming Loneliness After Loss

Getting Through the Holidays

A Child's Guide to Good Grief

When a Classmate Dies

Grieving When You Lose Someone Close

Talking With a Child About a Loved One's Death

Helping Kids Cope When a Loved One Dies

Dealing with the Anger that comes with Grief

When Death comes Unexpectedly

What Surprises People About Grief

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