Grief Resource Library

Grief Resource Library

Grief libraries are maintained at Martin-Dugger Funeral Home in Elk City. Book subjects cover the spectrum from general grief books to those dealing with different types of death.

Types of specific death issues would include the death of a child, death of a spouse, death of a parent, death of a friend, suicide, homicide, accident or sudden death and etc. Below is a listing of resources available on-site at Martin-Dugger Funeral Home and may be checked out:



Book Title: Living With Dying
Author: Glen W. Davidson

Book Title: Living When A Loved One Has Died
Author: Earl A. Grollman

Book Title: Don't Take My Grief Away From Me
Author: Doug Manning 

Book Title: The Funeral  
Author: Doug Manning

Book Title: Cowbells and Courage
Author: Patrick W. Page

Book Title: Survivors Of Suicide 
Author: Rita Robinson

Book Title: Thoughts for the Holidays  
Author: Doug Manning

Book Title: My Grandson Lew  
Author: Charlotte Zolotow

Book Title: Concerning Death  
Author: Earl A. Grollman

Book Title: The Funeral Vestige or Value
Author: Paul E. Irion

Book Title: Suicide
Author: Earl A. Grollman

Book Title: When Someone Dies
Author: Edgar N. Jackson

Book Title: Under The Protection Of The Almighty
Author: N/A

Book Title: Living When a loved one has died
Author: Earl A. Grollman

Book Title: Life And Death 
Author: Herbert S. Zim/Sonia Bleeker

Book Title: Empty Cradle, Broken Heart
Author: Deborah L Davis, Ph.D.

Book Title: The Empty Chair 
Author: Beryl S. Glover

Book Title: Let Me Grieve But Not Forever
Author: Verdell Davis

Book Title: A Travel Guide To Heaven
Author: Anthony DeStafano

Book Title: Remembering with Love 
Author: Levang/Ilse

Book Title: When A Friend Dies
Author: Marilyn E. Gootman

Book Title: Death And The Family 
Author: Lily Pincus

Book Title: Questions & Answers-Death & Dying 
Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Book Title: On Death And Dying 
Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Book Title: Grief And How To Live With It 
Author: Sarah Morris

Book Title: Keep Looking Up
Author: Belva D. Vanbiber

Book Title: Good Grief 
Author: Granger E. Westberg

Book Title: The Denial of Death
Author: Ernest Becker

Book Title: A Time For Truth
Author: William E. Simon

Book Title: Losing A Parent 
Author: Fiona Marshall

Book Title: A Minister Speaks out about Funerals 
Author: Doug Manning

Book Title: All Seasons Pass 
Author: Martha Manning

Book Title: Lifetimes
Author: Mellonie & Ingpen

Book Title: I Heard Your Daddy Died 
Author: Mark Scrivani

Book Title: Help For Your Grief 
Author: Dr. Arthur Freese

Book Title: The Dynamics of Grief
Author: David K. Switzer

Book Title: Houses For The Dead
Author: N/A

Book Title: Bereavement
Author: Colin Murray Parkes

Book Title: The Savage God
Author: A. Alvarez

Book Title: Finding Your Way After A Parent Dies
Author: Richard Gilbert

Book Title: A Grief Observed 
Author: C.S. Lewis

Book Title: Help, Comfort & Hope After 
Author: Hannah Lothrop

Book Title: Why Are the Casseroles Always Tuna? 
Author: Darcie D. Sims

Book Title: How Can I Help? 
Author: June Cerza Kolf

Book Title: Nobody's Child Anymore 
Author: Barbara Bartocci

Book Title: How Will I Get Through The Holidays? 
Author: James E. Miller

Book Title: Heaven's Not A Crying Place 
Author: Joey O'Connor

Book Title: After You Say Goodbye
Author: Paul Kent Froman

Book Title: Straight Talk About Death For Teens
Author: Earl A. Grollman

Book Title: Crib Death  
Author: Richard H. Raring

Book Title: A Child's Parent Dies 
Author: Erna Furman

Book Title: How to Survive the Loss of a Love 
Author: Colgrove, Bloomfield, McWilliam

Book Title: The Fall of Freddie the Leaf
Author: Leo Buscaglia

Book Title: I Heard Your Mommy Died 
Author: Mark Scrivani

Book Title: The Power of Presence 
Author: Doug Manning

Book Title: About Dying 
Author: Sara Bonnett Stein

Book Title: Tear Soup
Author: Schwiebert & DeKlyen

Book Title: What on Earth Do You Do When - Someone Dies  
Author: Trevor Romain

Book Title: Today My Sister Died  
Author: Ronee Christy Domske

Book Title: Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope (Video) 
Author: Donna O'Tooles

Book Title: Standing Tall (Video)  
Author: Joy Johnson

Book Title: The Shattered Dimension (Video) 
Author: Doug Manning

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